Thinking of skipping a home inspection? Here’s why you shouldn’t…

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As far as home inspections are concerned, here are the important reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on this important step. Find a loan that fits your financing needs. It points out the possible safety issues of a property. Professional home inspections can point out any safety issues that can affect the home’s residents.

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Home inspection contingencies require you to complete the inspection within a certain period of time after the offer is accepted – normally five to seven days – so you’re on a set timetable. A good home inspector will provide you with the report within 24 hours after the inspection.

The home inspection is a crucial step for buying a home, and it shouldn’t be overlooked or rushed. Avoid these common mistakes on the big day. 8 home inspection mistakes buyers Should Avoid at All.

However, things like inspection should never be skipped, here is why: 1. It Provides an "Out" A professionally done inspection could reveal faults or potential faults with the house.

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Myth No. 2: Home inspectors can advise you on whether to buy the house. And don’t forget: Even though most inspections are done at the buyer’s request, inspectors are impartial. If you think inspections are meant to help the buyer renegotiate the purchase price, Buell says, think again.

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Skipping a home inspection because of the seller. On occasion, a seller may "encourage" a buyer to waive the inspection or they’ll say the house is being sold "as is". Even if the house is sold "as is," you may be able to negotiate in a health and safety item that comes up during the inspection.

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip A Home Inspection. A quality home inspection can reveal critical information about the condition of a home and its systems. This makes the buyer aware of what costs, repairs and maintenance the home may require immediately, and over time. If a buyer isn’t comfortable with the findings of the home inspection,

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